I like to say I am a great balance between and introvert and an extrovert. 

I love health and wellness

I took myself and my belief seriously and became a photographer, living out a dream that I kept secret for years. I had been talking to my husband about doing it since 2011 and it took me 10 years to take the leap of faith and go. I am a spiritual person, and do not hold regrets for waiting; I know God has timed everything out in my favor and I'm blessed to be doing what I'm doing now. I love natural and candid images with movement. This is a craft I'm working to master everyday and I feel completely honored to be asked to take photos for people. When I'm not obsessing over photography, I'm with my family or finding time to exercise, because mama needs an outlet for stress! I love taking care of my health, that's always been a passion of mine too, so if you see me on a walk or a run, come join me! But if that's not your thing, reach out and chat! I love to talk and chat possibilities with people!  

Hi! My name is Tatum. I'm here to tell you a little bit about me so we can start a relationship before even meeting! Crazy right!? First off, I am a wife to a man I adore and we have 4 kiddos together that are the love of my life, Cora, Tessa, Kate and Ben. Okay, now past the mushy traditional stuff. I'm a creator, I believe I always have been but just never believed in myself enough to act on it. I've now let go of being worried about what others think of me. Threw myself into photography education with no knowledge other than what I knew I loved and began working toward my dream.


I love going to bed early and waking up early #earlybird


I will out eat you in chips and salsa


I hate reading books, but love listening to them




Being a photographer was the one thing I told myself I couldn't do for years. I remember shortly after deciding to invest in photography education, I saw this quote at a boutique and knew that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. That's what you call divine purpose. 


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Let's hang out, seriously!